Colostle rpg
Colostle rpg


Colostle is a castle, but not a normal castle. Its interior is so large that mountains, valleys, towns, cities and even oceans could find a place in one of its rooms, its ceilings are so high as to be invisible, enveloped by the misty expanse of sky, which lies within the its vaulted heights.

No adventurer has ever managed to reach one of the building’s outer walls. When someone thinks he has succeeded by stumbling upon a gigantic and boundless wall, he discovers that he has only reached the wall of a “room” and that beyond it he could discover maybe a new continent.

But beyond the desire for glory and exploration what moves adventurers within Colostle is the search for magic. The only sources of this precious essence are The Rooks, imposing stone automatons powered by magical energy. No two Rooks are identical in all of Colostle, and to reach them you have to fight wild beasts, barbarians and other hunters!

But Colostle isn’t just a fantastic and dangerous place, it’s a solo RPG!

Colostle - Il modulo dedicato agli Oceani
Colostle – The Oceans module

You know the classic role-playing game where a group or party of adventurers gets together to experience adventures and complete missions? Here! Same, only you are alone!
You are not only experiencing adventures but also playing by yourself!
In such a particular moment for the world, one of the aspects that the news has never dealt with, rightly because distracted by other things like health and the world economy, are the many parties and role-play sessions that have been skipped since we cannot getting together to eat junk foods and role play.
Yes, there is skype, zoom and digital solutions but it is not the same thing.
And in this particular moment of our life, an RPG like Colostle really has its why.
A nice and well done RPG that allows us to return to live fantastic adventures.

The rules manual will be 24 pages in black and white and will include the basic rules for playing, exploring and fighting as well as providing some tips and tricks. It will then be up to the player to decide what to do and start playing, exploring Colostle and reporting his adventures in his very personal adventure diary.

With such a light manual of contents the game system will certainly not be that of a Dungeons and Dragons!
Nich Angell, the author, has invented a curious and funny system of rules that uses the random drawing of cards from a common deck.
We just need to draw one or more card and compare the suit, color or number of the card drawn on the game tables to find out if we have just encountered a monster, another adventurer or a ruined village.

The role-playing experiment is really interesting! The system of rules fully reflects Colostle! No map is provided and the space to explore is so large that two adventures will never be the same and you will never explore two identical areas.

Colostle - La classe giocabile The Armed
Colostle – The Armed class!

There will be three playable classes in Colostle: Armed, Followed and Helmed.

Colostle is a project currently live on Kickstarter and at the time of writing there are still 17 days to its expiration date. Colostle has already reached his goal and will therefore see the light! Furthermore, as new economic goals are reached, the pages included in the manual increase.
Always now we have reached 3815% of its set goal and therefore modules on various themes have been added FREE OF CHARGE: Oceans, Ceilings and Cities.

The project is unfortunately completely in English, so if you are not so master of the Anglo-Saxon language … well …. this could be a good reason to start studying it better, perhaps while exploring the immensity of Colostle!

Kickstarter campaign:

Colostle – The Battlements module