Sine Tempore – The miniature collection

Sine Tempore is a sci-fi board game for 1 to 4 players that sees you playing the role of brave space explorers in search of a planet suitable to be converted to a human colony.

The Ludus Magnus Studio has, however, hurt his calculations, in fact arrived on the chosen planet things do not go as planned.
The planet Primaevus V is not only in fact not uninhabited, but the alien race that the players encounter also considers it sacred and get very angry for their arrival!

The Primaevi are a race as aggressive as it is ungainly to be seen (at least for a human eye), with fangs, horns and laser rifles!

We had already talked about this board game in our recent article (Sine Tempore Anteprima) and in this second article, which precedes the actual review into which we will analyze the dynamics of the game in depth, we will show you (and in 360 degrees) the beautiful miniatures with which you will play.