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Creativity CY300

Gaia inaugurates a new series of videos dedicated to the magical world of 3D printing !!!
And let’s start immediately with a printer so big that it doesn’t even fit in our usual frame: the Creativity CY300 !!!!!!

A superior category filament printer, lots of steel and aluminum, super stable and with a really LARGE printing area, 300 x 300 x 400 mm !!!! Will we be able to print a full helmet for a new Gaia cosplay? This you will find out in the next videos !!!

Here are some of the features that impressed us about the Creativity CY300:

  • Direct extrusion system, for greater precision;
  • 3.5 “color touch screen;
  • Intelligent leveling system;
  • Filament sensor, which detects when it’s finished by pausing your prints;
  • Voltage detector, able to pause your print in the event of a power failure;
  • Super quiet motherboard; – Silicon glass printing bed with carbon crystals; – Ready to install BL-Touch, a sensor for self-leveling;
  • A HUGE print area !!!

If you have any questions about CY300, 3D printing, curiosity or want us to make you a horoscope write us a comment below and we will answer you with pleasure! Soon we will also release a manual to help you assemble it step by step, it’s a job that everyone can do in half a day and it can also be fun to do together: D EDIT: they pointed out that the printer is not completely made of metal and therefore what reported in the form they sent us is not correct. Not being able to edit the video, we would like to underline it here in the product description sheet! For any questions or concerns please contact us and we hope to be able to answer you as best as possible !!!!