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The cost of buying a 3D printer is becoming more and more affordable for everyone. Machines that previously cost several thousand euros are now with one zero less and therefore the number of owners of small home miniature factories has multiplied more and more.

Looking at this phenomenon, there are several digital sculptors who are also dedicating themselves to the world of miniatures and board or role-playing games. Among the many we would like to point out Francesca Musumeci and Andrea Tarabella who every month publish a thematic set of miniatures on Artisan Guild, their Patreon channel.
The quality is very high and every month a set with a different background is presented. For example, there have been Dwarves, Orcs and Vampires and in November it will be the turn of the Lizard Men!

Artisan Guild – The november release on their Patreon

More than 2000 people (currently 2583 to be precise ed) believe in their work and so we weren’t surprised when we saw their project on Kickstarter.

Amazons! is a project completely dedicated to the most famous female warriors of all time: the Amazons.

At a cost of € 35 it is possible to grab the Core Set which contains 16 models of the highest quality and the Amazon Camp pack. If we count all the elements of the Kickstarter project we arrive at almost 50 models !!
Also since we are on Kickstarter, the strech goals could not be missing! At the moment the project has raised just over 68 thousand euros and therefore the models we have already mentioned have been joined by another 29 incredible models!

Amazons! – A Medusa printed miniature

Of course, you will need to buy a 3D printer if you don’t already have one.
If you have the opportunity to face the expense and the suitable place to keep it (in a well-ventilated but not too bright environment) we certainly recommend a resin printer, able to guarantee a yield equal to the components of a top board game. range (CMON, Ludus Magnus Studio or Awaken to be clear ed).
Otherwise you can choose a filament printer and still get good results, even if to save you will have to waste a little time in setting the printer correctly and the results will not reach the levels of resin printers.

In the campaign, it is also possible to purchase previously released sets on their Patreon channel.
Among the add-ons we feel obliged to point out the terrible and incredible Tarrasque!

Amazons! – The Artisan Guild Tarrasque!!!

The possibilities once in possession of a printer are many: “buy” by supporting digital artists such as the Artisan Guild on Patreon or even find free or paid models on dedicated internet portals. Once this is done, however, you can create your heroes and use them in the campaign of your favorite role-playing game or even use the templates for your board games or prototype your very own board game to play it or propose it to publishers and see it published!

Do you have questions about 3D and 3D printing? Do not hesitate to write to us on our social channels or via email and we will reply immediately 🙂

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