Sine Tempore – Fato

Fato is a witch on her world. The witch is the fortune teller and personal adviser of Cloto, Lachesi and Atropo, the three Sacred Mothers leading the cult of the Blood of Gaea; she passes the guards without so much as looking at them, as stern and severe as she is sensual and charismatic. She is feared and revered almost as much as their direct leaders.

Fato’s mind is fraught with morbid visions of decline, their species will meet their downfall and the cult will be almost forgotten, the Mothers will be nothing more than a faded page in the history of the Primaevo people.

In Sine Tempore by Ludus Magnus Studio, beautiful miniatures help make the gaming experience even more engaging and unique !!

Here you see his incredible miniature at 360 degrees.


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