Sine Tempore – Centaur

Each Centaur receives their mask upon completion of the Gaea ordeal, which consists in hunting a Thundertooth (other friendly inhabitants of Primaevus that we’ll get to know in the update dedicated to the Motherfang Add-on). Warden masks are not infinite and when a Centaur is killed in battle, Kyrone himself recovers the mask, which is then donated to a new Centaur that has successfully completed an ordeal. In this way, Kyrone always controls the same number of Centaurs. The objective of Kyrone and his followers is to protect Primaevus and its traditions during the periods when the other tribes and the Cult of Mothers aren’t on the planet. In fact, Primaevus is not the Fauns’ birth planet but rather a sacred planet for their traditions, and the tribes and Mothers go there to pay homage to Gaea only in certain periods… unfortunately for Achab and friends, the Genesis happened to arrive on Primaevus V during one of these times.

In Sine Tempore by Ludus Magnus Studio, beautiful miniatures help make the gaming experience even more engaging and unique !!

Here you see his incredible miniature at 360 degrees.


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